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    Default Kareena-Karishma: Sibling revelry!

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    Kareena Kapoor is the least affected by all the talk in the industry circles about her marriage to beau Saif Ali Khan in February.

    The girl has started working on Madhur Bhandarkar's Heroine already. And the shooting, I'm told, will start shortly. As part of the pre-production, more than working on her wardrobe and accessories, Bebojaan is also working on getting the nuances of her character right. Her part in the film hits an all time high from a complete low, and then hits rock bottom again.

    For that purpose, Bebo makes at least 100 phone calls to her sister Karisma Kapur, asking her for tips. And Karisma, who also dubbed for Kareena for a few scenes in Bodyguard, is happy to help. She has been telling Bebo to work on her body language, dialogue delivery and other such aspects. She has also tipped Bebo on what classic movies featuring top Hollywood and Bollywood actors she should watch to get her act right. Hmmm.



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