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    Default Kareena Kapoor’s confrontation with Kajol

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    Kareena, Kajol

    Everyone knows Karan Johar is remaking Stepmom with Kajol and Kareena Kapoor playing the roles by Susan Sarandon and Julia Roberts. What no one knows is that the original screenplay is being considerably refurbished to etch out the Julia Roberts part so that there would be many more confrontational sequences between ‘moms’ Kajol and ‘stepmom’ Kareena.The fact that Kareena happens to be a self-confessed fan of both Kajol and Julia Roberts certainly helps the situation.Kareena said, “When I recently got an award from Erin Brockovich, I enjoyed the moment doubly because Julia Roberts had played Erin. I love the spunky militant parts she plays. And Kajol is my favourite actress, and to be pitched against her is a dream come true, we didn’t have that many scenes together in Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham. But here it’s the two of us all the way. Julia Roberts had rocked in my role in the original. I want to make my role in the remake just as exciting.

    Bollywood’s super-designer Manish Malhotra flew to New York two weeks ago when Kareena was shooting there, to discuss and finalize Kareena’s look for the desi Stepmom.“I’m really excited about it,” Kareena said. “Manish was in NY. We’re working on a totally new look, clothes makeup and hair for our film with Karan. I can guarantee you this time we’ll do something very different from my celebrated Poo in K3G. Kareena will cut her hair for the first time in her career. “I’ve never done that for any role. But I want to get experimental with my looks this time.” When Kareena came down with a viral fever in New York, her folks were naturally worried. Concerned reports back home about Swine Flu in the US have Kareena pooh-poohing away our worries.“Tell everyone to chill. There were no swine’s of the two-legged or four-legged kind in New York. We were all safe and sound.

    There was never any question of leaving the schedule half-finished. Who starts all these rumours? They’re freaking out our folks back home for nothing. I worked non-stop to complete the schedule so that Saif and me could head for our holiday. Jehaad (yup, that’s what she and Saif insist on calling the film) is a very challenging film for both of us. It’s dramatic but real. We have to raise our voices but make sure it’s not done in a filmy way.Kareena plays Saif’s wife and the mother of a child. She was earlier seen as a girl in love with a suspected terrorist in Govind Nihalani’s Dev. She had blown the screen part in the two scenes she had. “In Jehaad I’ve much more to do, plus Saif for company,” she chuckles.

    Both Rajkumar Hirani’s 3 Idiots and Rensil d Silva’s film have taken more of Kareena’s time and energy than she had bargained for. “I had to give a hundred days each to both. Now there’s Karan’s film with Kajol.”

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