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    Default Kareena says cheese !!!

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    Fans in New Delhi have already got a taste of her.

    An international pizza chain has introduced a size zero pizza and implied that it is inspired by Kareena Kapoor, the Bollywood diva with the most fashionable size on her.

    Kareena, who was out of the country till five days ago, wasn’t even aware of this latest ‘tribute’ to her till sister Karisma Kapoor, a Delhiite, called in to tell her that her friends were all tripping over the size zero pizza.

    Kareena has been a pizza fan for the longest time. A source reveals how the actress’ mother had flown to the outdoor schedule of a film carrying pizzas for her from
    Mumbai because she wasn’t getting it locally.

    “I love Italian food,’’ says Bebo. “I must eat pizza at least twice a week; and yes, I’m flattered that a pizza has been named after me.’’ But, she added, “Honestly speaking, I’m no longer a size zero. I’m slightly rounded because I need to be that way for my role in Karan Johar’s Hindi version of Step Mom.”
    Incidentally, the size zero pizza is a thin crust affair with healthy vegetable toppings and some low-fat cheese. “It’s a misconception that cheese is unhealthy,’’ argues Bebo. “My dietician has put me on a cheese diet for the longest time. Cheese has the right fat percentage required for the body and if eaten right, it can be advantageous rather than detrimental.’’
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