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    Default Karan Johar was lonesome in NY!

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    Hes bitten by the travel-bug.

    Permanently. Yeah, Karan Johar is the man-on-move, and in the past few months hes spent more time floating in mid-air than at home. From LA, to San Francisco to London...hes globe-trotting. But hes loving every minute of it, and while he says, I like London, but London becomes like another city that I consider home, its the amazing New York City that draws this filmmaker (and his movies, too). Of course, with Shah Rukh Khan owning a beautiful apartment in London, his best buddy Karan, obviously feels at home in that city.

    On the other hand he cant stop talking about his other hot-favourite city in the world, I think NY is the one city that I absolutely love. I really like the irony of the city, really. I feel that its really fantastic and its buzzing with so much energy and yet theres an inherent emptiness in there. So theres this contradiction. It has all the energy and yet, its very empty and lonely. Thats the reason I find the city so intriguing.

    Now that sounds like a true-born New Yorker, Kjo? So we guess what hes saying is that...London is where the home is and NY is where the heart is? Right, Kjo?



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