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    Default How Kangana's man was made a 'bakra'

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    How Kangana's man was made a 'bakra'
    By Joginder Tuteja

    Adhyayan Suman has just joined the industry and he is already feeling the pinch.

    His Haal-E-Dil notwithstanding, he saw complete backing coming from Bhatt brothers.

    However, it seems his director Mohit Suri was not so generous, as evidenced on the sets of Raaz - The Mystery Continues a few months back.

    Scaring the daylights out of Adhyayan, Mohit and Co. had a hearty laugh over the entire incident.

    Adhyayan however took it all in good spirit and recollects the incident with a smile.

    "This was during the time when the shoot was happening in Shimla. After a long night, we had all packed up and I had just gone back to my vanity van to catch up on some rest.

    In any case I was scared due to the spooky environment created for the film and was lying down on the bed while point blankly staring at the ceiling.

    Suddenly, lights started flickering in the van and after a couple of seconds, they completely went off", narrated Adhyayan.

    He continues, "Really, I got scared because of this and started looking for my mobile phone to use it lights for navigating my way out of the van. I couldn't find it around me and when I finally managed to reach out to the doors, they were locked.

    Man, I was damn scared then and hastily started knocking on my doors. Just as I was praying that someone gets me out, there was a loud noise on the roof.

    It seemed like there were 15-20 people up there who were trying to get in. That's it; I almost had a heart attack."

    Guess at this point of time, Mohit thought that enough was enough and opened the doors of the van but not before making some loud noise at the entrance which had Adhyayan almost falling off on the ground. Seems it was the 'bakra' moment for the young boy.

    "Indeed, I was made a 'pucca bakra' there. Everyone in the unit had a hearty laugh at my expense. But that's ok; I will give everyone back double of all the scares they gave me. They better watch out", warns Adhyayan.

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