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    Default Kangana Ranaut makes ex boyfriend Adhyayan Sumanís life hel!!

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    Adhyayan Suman and Kangana Ranaut, who were once, totally in love with each other, now have become haters. The ex couple dated each other for almost a year and now, Adhyayan says that Kangs is one typical kinda of girl who only knows how to use and abuse.

    It was an ugly break up for the ex flames, in the year 2009. The two have once again come into limelight after Kangana falsely claiming to have been approached to represent Hollywood celebrity Paris Hiltonís brand in India.

    Revealing that he was the one who introduced his ex, kangana Ranaut to the international fashionista Paris Hilton, Adhyayan further adds that Kangna abused him on the phone. Adhyayan tells a daily, ďKangna only knows how to use, abuse and throw. She has flooded me with abusive calls ever since the truth about her fake claims came out.Ē ďI have remained silent for so many years, but she is crossing all limits now.Ē

    But we thought the ex coupleís relationship ended on an OK note!!! Well, thatís what Kangana Ranaut said. However, Adhyayan rubbishes it saying that the actress actually destroyed him in that span if one year.

    We wonder if this is true!!
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