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    Cool kangana cant tell republic day from I-Day

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    Kangana Ranaut has been publicly criticized by Shekhar Suman over a poor academic background and here she gives us an openly obvious reason why Shekhar chooses to do so. Kangana is a good actress by she is terribly poor with basic general knowledge.

    She could not tell Republic Day from Independence Day. A source reported,

    “It so happened that when the reporters asked Kangana to leave a message for all their fans on the occasion of Republic Day, she did that perfectly, in Hindi off course. She then deliberately asked the reporters if they want the same in English too.

    Poor Kangana fell into her own trap because she took an exact 5 cuts to say just this single line - “Hi this is Kangana Ranaut and I wish all my fans a very Happy Republic Day”.

    If you are thinking this is the end then you are wrong.

    After 5 cuts, Kangana managed to say her lines right, but she again paused and asked one of the reporters, “Is it Independence Day or the other one?”

    All this could not stop the reporters and cameraman from giggling. She soon realized why everyone was smiling and finally said, “No more interviews please” and walked off.”

    Hey Bhagwan! Uthale! Mere ko nai… Kangana ko!

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    Well she always was a dumbo to start with - this just proves the fact!



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