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    Default ‘Kaminey’ gets an ‘A’ certificate from Censor Board

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    It is a nightmare come true for Vishal Bhardwaj whose ambitious project ‘Kaminey’ has been awarded an ‘A’ certificate by the censor board which means a loss of young crowd which form a considerable percentage of the viewers.
    The examining committee reportedly saw the flick on Tuesday afternoon and suggested some major cuts as they felt that the film was just too violent. When Vishal refused to either go for chopping his scenes or accept an ‘A’ certificate, the revising committee with Sharmila Tagore as the Chairperson watched it with a panel of members in Delhi yesterday afternoon. The committee, however, gave an ‘A’ certificate again.
    The production house, on the other hand, defends the violence in the film saying that they have already made some cuts Your browser may not support display of this image. and the abusive language used in the film is marginal. As the film is based on the underworld, violence and darkness is but naturally felt in the movie.
    Well, the ball is in Vishal’s court now and he has to decide whether he will move to the higher courts or settle down with the censor board’s decision.



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