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    Default Kajol ready for comparisons with Susan Sarandon

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    Kajol has always turned the most ordinary scripts into something extraordinary. Happy being a wife and mother - and expecting her second child - she will be seen on screen playing a mother, in We Are Family. The actress speaks to TWF correspondent Gaurav Sharma.

    You are expecting your second child.

    Oh yes. It's not only me, everyone in the family is eagerly awaiting that moment. Everyone in the family is equally excited as I am.

    On the one hand We Are Family is releasing, on the other hand you are expecting again. Life is very busy.

    Motherhood is a wonderful experience and things have certainly started moving at a rapid pace. It's not possible for things to move slowly when you are expecting. Right now, I'm taking time off to prepare for the hectic days ahead.

    You have cut down on films in the last few years.

    Well, it's not that I have consciously cut down on films or stayed away from the camera. It's about getting the right script at the right time. And with time, priorities change in life. I have always balanced that.

    I took a break even before I started a family. I have always believed in good scripts. And I wait for the right script to come my way. That's what, at times, delays things.

    We Are Family is being produced by Karan Johar. Is it the strong bond of friendship that has you working mostly with friends?

    It is obviously great fun to work with friends than people you don't know. And why shouldn't I work with friends when the comfort level is already there?

    I can work with all kinds of people as long as I can trust them. I have and am ready to work with new directors as well.

    We Are Family is an official remake of the Hollywood blockbuster Stepmom. And your role will bring a lot of comparison with Susan Sarandon. Are you ready for that?

    [Smiles] Oh yes, we all know that we can't avoid that. It's obvious that there will be comparisons. But the effort was to create a script and then a film which is Indianised despite being a remake.

    We have done our best and We Are Family is an out-and-out commercial Bollywood film. Despite being a remake, it has the potential to stand for itself with an identity of its own.

    What was so great about the script?

    It all begins with the script and I loved the screenplay. I loved the character of Maya. It was so touching... and yes, you need to watch it before I go explaining.

    Do you miss not doing more films?

    I never did back-to-back projects. I am lazy [smiles] . And life is just perfect for me. I love my life. I am an actress and part of the industry and will always remain so.

    What about being part of another home production after U Me aur Hum?

    Ajay would love to have me for another home production, but it's his call. Just because I am his wife doesn't make me an obvious choice. But I hope with a good script he makes me an offer.

    Are you happy with the way your career has shaped up?

    Happy? I am really happy. I have always acknowledged that because I am at peace with everything, I am happy with what I am and all those things that have happened to my career so far.
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