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    Default John & Kat? Bizarre, says Bips

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    On rumour mills buzz with stories of Katrina - John
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    What is it about John Abraham that his co-stars find irresistible?

    Is it charm, his deeper than the deep sea dimples, or his knight-in-shining-armour image? Whatever it is, it is proven that women (in most cases his co-stars) find John very attractive.

    In the past rumours have linked him to Mallika Sherawat (when the two did a world tour), Lara Dutta (Elaan) and Vidya Balan (Salaam-e-Ishq); and now, according to media reports, John’s the object of affection of Salman Khan’s girlfriend Katrina Kaif — his co-star in New York.

    While the rumour mills buzz with stories of Katrina and John being phone buddies, some also suggest that Salman actually threw Katrina’s stuff out of his home because he didn’t like the idea of his girl bonding with his foe, John.

    Since these rumours come in the wake of the New York publicity campaign, both John and Katrina have got the benefit of the doubt from another section of the media, which believes that all this Kat-John bonding is nothing but a stroke of publicity genius.

    John doesn’t wish to comment on the issue. But he did reveal that the text messages exchanged in New York were only work related. “I’m astounded that I’m being pulled into something so bizarre.” A source close to the actor says, “John is not amused by the rumour. He is in a steady relationship with Bipasha
    Basu. Obviously vested interests have started this campaign.’’ Apparently, the actor believes that since there is absolutely no truth to the whole issue, it will blow over.

    Bipasha, the other aggrieved party (Salman being the first), has complete faith in her man and says, “John and I have gone through enough of such gossip. I don’t want to give any credibility to this by even commenting on it. It is malicious and absolutely the most bizarre story involving us. Just for the knowledge of people who actually love us together, we are very happy being with each other, and we’re responsible and protective about our relationship.’’

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