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    Default John Abraham goes through an image change with SOAW

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    For his comeback film SHOOT OUT AT WADALA, one of the first actors that Sanjay Gupta approached was John Abraham. And why not? After all John was the antagonist in Gupta's last film ZINDA as well and it had seen the actor in an altogether different light. As a suave multi-millionaire businessman, John had managed to hold on his own despite Sanjay Dutt in front of him, someone who was Sanjay Gupta's favourite at that time. Now with SHOOT OUT AT WADALA, Gupta promises that John would be seen in an altogether different light.


    "To present John in an absolutely smashing manner is the least that I can do for him," promises Gupta who has always been acknowledged as the director who completely transformed Sanjay Dutt's look starting with AATISH more than a decade and a half back, "I am grateful that John is DOING SHOOT OUT AT WADALA which is a comeback affair for me. Obviously this isn't something that I would forget easily. I have to express my gratitude and for that I would repay him just through my work. That's my promise to him and the audience."



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