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    Cool jaya bachan is ready for adoption

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    Now before you jump to conclusions when you read the word adoption, let me tell you that we are not talking about the child-adoption but the adult adoption. Yes Jaya Bachchan is doing an interesting film which will be a remake of a 2004 Tamil film directed by Revathy Verma.

    The Hindi version of the film will have Ayesha Takia, Madhavan and Raveena Tandon along with Jaya Bachchan in a pivotal role.

    Revathy confirms,”Jayaji’s confirmation is a big achievement for us. She is a great actor and we are looking forward to working with her. She is rarely seen on the big screen, so it is great to see her.”

    Phir Tum Mil Gaye is about a 20-something girl who ‘adopts’ a mother from an old age home. “We always hear of couples adopting babies from orphanages, here it is the reverse process of a young girl wanting a mom. The mother’s character is extremely optimistic,” points out Revathy.

    While casting, the name of Jaya to play the mother who is up for adoption was topmost in Revathy’s mind. “When we were in talks for the Hindi version, one thing was sure that she would be in the cast.”

    “We sent a bound script to her office and waited with bated breath. We were delighted when she said yes.”

    Preya has had a brush with B-Town being part of Priyadarshan’s Bhaagam Bhaag crew. “Shooting for Phir Tum Mil Gaye begins from April 3 in Mumbai. We have also planned another project after this with Aziz Mirza as director,” she says.

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