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    Default Jacqueline inaugurates MidasTouch Acting and Dance Studio

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    Bollywood diva and one of his former students, Jacqueline Fernandes inaugurated Vinod Tharani’s acting and dance studio, MidasTouch. Not surprisingly she was full of praises, “Vinod is the first and only Hindi teacher since the time I entered the industry. He has taught me the craft of acting. He helped me come out of my shell. Hopefully one day I will act in a film directed by him. He loves cinema and since he is an actor his approach towards everything is unique. He is the best acting coach around, “she said.

    Jacqueline inaugurates MidasTouch

    Vinod has been a guiding force to many other actors as well. He helped Deepika Padukone improve her diction for her movie, Om Shanti Om. His other clients include Bruna Abdullah, TV actors Vinay Rohraa and Nikhil Chadha. He has also worked in TV shows like Ekta's Kahaani Humaarey Mahaabhaarat Ki, CID and Kaajal.

    Vinod has seven years of experience in coaching and believes there’s a lot he can share about the craft. “I want to share the minor technicalities involved in acting. These are essential to build the required mental strength for success in this industry. I want to teach the correct approach towards intensive acting,” he said.

    his students he said, “ I am very passionate about my acting so when I start teaching it automatically comes from within. I observe things with thorough conviction. I am a trained actor so I give my students a practical intepretation of how to perform.”

    Vinod is very particular about the students he chooses to coach. “ I have opened a studio for maximum 10 students and I am looking for students who are passionate about this art and are not here for the glamour or money. I agree it’s a part of the profession but approach towards art should be loyal.”

    So, what has he to say about Jacqueline the ‘student’? “She is a fast learner and a very good student. It was really nice of her to inaugurate my acting institute.”



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