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    Default I've to sleep on a sofa in my own house

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    I've to sleep on a sofa in my own house
    By Subhash K Jha

    Though all hell has broken lose Adnan Sami's home in the highrise Oberoi Skygarden in Andheri (Mumbai) is ominously quiet on Saturday morning.

    "My parents are in the master bedroom. My wife is another bedroom. I'm sleeping on the sofa. Can you believe it? I've to sleep on a sofa in my own house!"

    Adnan's bitterness is understandable. But not fully justified. It now comes to light that the home that he occupies with his wife was legally gifted to the wife.

    "It's a tradition in our family, " explains Adnan. "My father who's a diplomat and has served as an ambassador to 14 countries, put his home in my mother's name and even named it after her Al-Noreen. Luckily I didn't name our home after my wife."

    But her claims that he follow her wishes about who occupies their house is not illegitimate.

    Adnan is all set to fight out with his wife in court. "I've taken a lot of pain during the ten years that we've been married. In 2003 she left me because I was obese. I fought then. I'll fight again.

    I'm a qualified lawyer. I've even taken on the Canadian government when it forcibly took my son away from me. I fought and won. And I intend to do so this time again. This isn't about the property. I'd have happily given away anything Sabah wanted. Haven't I gifted her my home? But no one can force me to part with anything."

    Adnan is all set to take on the lawyer's role for his rights. "I'm being maligned and my friends from political outfits are having a field day. It's being said I own numerous property all over Mumbai. Bullshit! Prove it. And I'm ready to write off all that I own.

    Let this be said very clearly. I own only the three floors of Oberoi Skygarden out of which two floors I've gifted to my wife. No one is going to drive me out of my own home. I'm ready to fight it out personally and legally.

    I'm like Harrison Ford in Raiders Of The Lost Arc. I'll stand there facing any storm and then hit back only when the opponent runs out of steam."

    Adnan fought a bitter mediatized battle with his wife Sabah for his ailing father to return to their home on Friday. He was summoned to the Oshiwara police station twice on Thursday evening.

    His brush with the law didn't end there.

    "On Friday evening just when I brought my parents home from the hospital the cops again visited us and requested me to accompany them to the station. They were extremely polite, almost apologetic. I must say they've seen my wife's attempts to prove her dominance in my house in the right light."

    What Adnan can't understand is why his wife is so keen to prove her proprietorial rights over his one property. "She's a tycoon. She owns property worth millions. She also runs a prominent newspaper in Dubai.

    Of what interest is my one property to her? And why drive my parents away? When they arrived yesterday she immediately left. Is this how the family Bahu is supposed to behave? But now she's here. I've given her full freedom to make her next move.

    And if push comes to shove (which it already has) I'm ready to fight her out personally in the court, be my own lawyer."

    Concludes Adnan, "The shortest love song ever written is by the boxing champ Mohammad Ali. It's called 'Me, We'. To me my family always comes first. I won't allow anyone to break my family."

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    you go adnan. family is first. just dont understand the women of today. ppl dont respect their elders



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