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    Exclamation I've Only Danced In Bathroom Till Date

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    I've only danced in bathroom till date
    By Subhash K Jha

    It was his first live performance and choreographer Shiamak Davar who's IIFA's resident dance aficionado didn't matters make matters easy for Harman Baweja.

    According to a source practicing his steps with Shiamak has been a lesson in "unlearning the learned", as someone close to the actor put it.

    Elaborating on the nimble-footed Baweja's traumatic experience the source says, "Harman and Shiamak chose the slow and rhythmic Milo na milo for IIFA.

    Harman of course had mastered Remo's original steps and he suggested to Shiamik that they retain the original steps since audiences hadn't seen much of Harman's dancing skills anyway.

    To Harman's surprise delight and relief Shiamak agreed to retain Remo's rhythms. The young actor couldn't have hoped for better."

    For almost two weeks Harman practiced the original steps in front of Shiamak. Then the super-choreographer had a change of 'mime'.

    Shiamik decided that the number must be done entirely his way.

    Says the source, "Suddenly Harman was told that the steps were being changed. After practicing for weeks, he was thrown completely off-course. Harman had no choice but to comply.

    But it was quite a harrowing experience to first do the original steps from the film for stage under Shiamak's guidance and then at the eleventh hour have them changed completely."

    Harman laughed off the ordeal nervously on the eve of his departure for Bangkok. "All this is part and parcel of showbiz. I've to get used to slogging and I'm not scared of hard work. I'm very very nervous.

    So far the only live audience I've danced for me is me. I've danced only in front of the mirror in the bathroom. I've been dubbing all day and rehearsing all night.

    And now I can only pray that my first stage performance goes well"

    Interestingly Priyanka joined Harman at the end of his act. "But that's only for a bit. I am solo most of the way, ' Harman asserts.



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