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    Default Irrfan insults Anil Ambani, creates trouble for himself

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    Irrfan Khan reportedly passed a snide remark at a recent high-profile party. The remark is being so talked about all over tinsel town that he is now beginning to be associated with it just like he's associated with his matchless acting skills.

    Irrfan, who was, apparently, in high spirits at the party, passed some comments that may not have gone down too well with some people. The party was hosted at a suburban five-star hotel a few weeks ago by Tina and Anil Ambani to celebrate the success of Ambani's production company.

    According to sources, Irrfan approached Tina Ambani at the party and said 'Now (Anil) Ambani will teach us what filmmaking is all about, ' in a sarcastic tone. Although, Anil Ambani was absent at the time Irrfan passed the remark, all those who were nearby were embarrassed and took Irrfan away before he could do any more damage.

    Tina and a lot of the other guests at the party weren't impressed by Irrfan's comment. The news was, however, denied by Irrfan's manager, Sunny Shah.




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