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    Default Irrfan, Divya made love for an hour!

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    Frontal nudity is still a taboo for mainstream actors. But Bollywood is slowly warming up to the trend. Recently, Irrfan Khan came close to
    baring all for a lovemaking scene in Hissss.

    Irrfan said, “I had absolutely no problem when my director Jennifer Lynch said I would have to take off all my clothes for a lovemaking scene with Divya Dutta, who plays my wife. But I suddenly thought that Indian couples make love with their clothes on and I conveyed the same to Jennifer.”

    Jennifer, of course, took the news with a heavy dose of incredulity. “She asked me how people can have sex without taking their clothes off. And then, I gave her a demonstration. I told her about my scene with Tabu in The Namesake. That was some violent lovemaking, with our clothes on. Jennifer was fascinated, but unconvinced,” added Irrfan.

    Irrfan then thought of a new plan. He reasoned that he plays an orthodox Brahmin whose mother-in-law has a habit of walking into his bedroom unannounced. “Given the circumstances, my character and his wife would hardly be expected to take off their clothes. And that convinced Jennifer,” said Irrfan.

    Irrfan and Divya Dutta finally had sex for the camera with their clothes on. Irrfan said laughingly, “The most relieved was Divya. She was waiting with bated breath to see if I could manage to convince Jennifer. Once everything was sorted out, our lovemaking scene lasted for about an hour.”



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