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    Smile Introducing Shatrughan Sinha's Son Luv Sinha !!!

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    If all had gone according to plans Shatrughan Sinha's twins Luv and Kush Sinha would have made their simultaneous debut in a home production. The scarcity of the proper script to accommodate the twins prompted Luv to sign a film away from the family.

    Says the young aspirant, “Not surprisingly I’m very very close to my twin brother. We aren’t identical twins. But if you see us together the resemblance is uncanny. The thought of being cast together did cross our family’s mind. But what can we do together?

    A comedy with both the brothers falling in love with the same girl? Nah. Too common. We must be the only twin actors in the whole world. When we come together the vehicle has to be just right, ” says the super-confident Sinha scion who walked straight into acting.

    Brother Kush took the long winding road, learnt acting and direction in New York, assisted Sanjay Leela Bhansali on Saawariya and decided he wanted to be an actor.

    While both of Shatrughan Sinha’s twins Luv and Kush have decided to take up acting as a career, Luv has raced ahead in terms of his debut.

    He is all set to be seen playing Rekha’s son in Raj Kanwar’s cross-border drama Sadiyaan which is complete and ready for release.

    “Please don’t ask me when it will be released. Now with the strike at the multiplex theatres I suppose there will be delay. But I’m not worried. This is what comes from being born in a family where cinema is a given. You’ve seen your dad go through so many ups and downs, a little bit of delay in your first film’s release causes no concern.”

    Shooting Sadiyaan was a cakewalk. “Hema Aunty who’s like a member of our family, and Rekhaji (yes it’s Hema Aunty and Rekhaji for me, I don’t call her aunty) really looked after me, pampered me and me feel totally at home. I guess it comes from being who I am.”

    Sadiyaan is set in the 1970s. “This was when I wasn’t even a passing thought in my parents’ mind. A long way from being born. So I had to get familiar with the fashion, lingo, etc. It was a challenge. But you must remember both my parents are actors.”

    A natural fan of his Dad Luv has seen all of Shatrughan Sinha’s films. “I love his style. But I won’t even dare to copy him. Being called my dad’s replica is the worst thing that can happen to my career. I love my dad’s performance in Kalicharan, Vishwanath, Khudgarz, Kala Patthar and Kalka. I also freak out on Amit Uncle (Amitabh Bachchan)’s cinema.”

    Talk veers to sister Sonakshi. “She’s more interested in modeling at the moment than acting. Let’s see.”

    Recently the whole Sinha family was in Patna to support the patriarch’s political manoeuvrings.

    Says Luv proudly, “Actually my Dad didn't need us to get the votes. We just want to be with him for support. The best thing about being Shatrughan Sinha’s son is you feel a positive pride from within. Beyond that, he has made sure to let me make my way in the industry on my own. My father has never worked with Raj Kanwarji. I got Sadiyaan on my own.”

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