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    Salman Khan is back on the track, with a Television show, three movies to look forward to and his eight pack abs for upcoming flick Wanted.

    Check out this interview:

    What’s all this much being written about Katrina and you?

    I’ve gone through a lot to let anything affect me. Nothing matters as long as my family and loved ones know the truth. But sometimes I worry about my fans’ reactions. What will they think about the s**t being written. I value their emotions so I tend to react.

    What’s the problem between you two?
    Everyone goes through their share in a relationship. It means nothing. Don’t give so much importance to this. If I break up or tie the knot, I will not hide it.

    Are you being pressurized to get married?

    Jab jab jo jo hona hai, tab tab so so hoke rahega. Destiny has either shocked or surprised me. If marriage has to happen, good, if not — then theek hai na. Taking vows in front of the fire, or the kaazi, or in church, or signing a piece of paper are mere formalities to give a social status to marriage. After that there’ll be different pressures. Bachche paida karo, yeh karo, woh karo… And to top it, nowadays there are messy divorces. I don’t know if I am ready for such stuff. I live by the moment. For me, love’s the union of two minds. Do dilon ka bandhan hota hai… There are routine queries, but no pressure to get married.

    But you love the Bachelor No 1 tag…
    What’s wrong with it? There’s always a new link-up I hear about myself everyday. If I get married, I am sure nothing’s going to change.

    Are you an over-possessive boyfriend?
    Which relationship are you talking about? This one or the previous ones? If being protective or being concerned or taking care of the person you’re in love with means being over-possessive, I guess I am.

    You don’t forgive and forget…

    My name is Salman Khan, I am a mortal. I am nobody to forget, or forgive.

    Why do you pay Katrina’s mobile bill?
    Since the last five or six years, her billing address is my home. So what? Big deal!

    Why is Aishwarya Bachchan’s name linked to most problems in your life?

    Dragging somebody’s name with whom I have no connection, and who is happily married to a nice guy, is not just embarrassing, but disgusting. Relationships work and sometimes they don’t, that’s life.

    Is Katrina highly ambitious?
    Trying to make a living and being ambitious are different things. Being hard-working, dedicated, serious and conscientious is different from being manipulative and greedy for power and position. Katrina doesn’t do all that. She always tells me that she would have been happier being just a model.

    What’s love like at 43?
    It’s the same as it was at 20. The excitement, romance and emotions one experiences at the start of a relationship are the same.

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