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    Default Indian Cricket Team watches Victory with Hurman Baweja

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    When Casanova cricketer Yuvraj watched Victory on Sunday evening his reaction was of amusement and disbelief, especially when he saw the sequence where Hurman playing a test cricketer and his girlfriend Amrita Rao sleeping sexless on the same bed.

    This can't be my story, Yuvraj commented wickedly. Confirming the above incident that happened during the film's screening on Sunday evening in Sri Lanka, where the Indian team is currently stationed, the film's leading man Hurman Baweja laughed, Its true when Yuvraj saw the pillow between me and Amrita in bed he said, this can't be my film. He was also very kicked by the sequence where I sing 'Money Money' with all those girls. He enjoyed the high-flying image of the cricketer shown in the film.

    On Sunday evening the Indian cricket team finally watched Ajitpal Mangat's cricket film Victory. Outwardly they seemed quite kicked by the way the cricketing world had been portrayed. Sachin Tendulkar seemed to think Hurman handled the bat and the 'bawl' (the drama) very well.

    Sachin did seem impressed by my abilities. But maybe he was just being polite, said Hurman. Not one person has disliked the film.

    And whom did the cricket team like the best? You mean, besides me? They loved Harbhajan Singh. They feel Bhaji is really working hard on his acting and will soon become a full-fledged actor, says Hurman.

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    Thank you very much for sharing with us.

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    wow so bhaji is into movies as well



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