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    Default India has 2 more Oscar connections this year

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    Slumdog Millionaire might be garnering all the attention what with 10 Oscar nominations to its credit, but it is is not the only Indian connection at this year's Oscars.

    Smile Pinki a 39 minute short film in Hindi and Bhojpuri, directed by Emmy-nominated producer Megan Mylan has also been nominated in the 'Best Short Documentary' category.

    Set in Varanasi, Smile Pinki revolves around a six-year-old girl from Mirzapur named Pinki who cannot go to school because of her cleft lips.

    A simple surgery can fix her cleft lips, but instead she has to face social ostracism, until she meets Pankaj, a social worker who ensures that Pinki gets a free surgery.

    Another film in the running for the 'Best Short Documentary' Oscar is The Final Inch by Irene Taylor Brodsky and Tom Grant. Once again, set in India, this documentary deals with the protagonist Muhammed Gulzar's battle with polio.

    The Final Inch highlights efforts to eradicate polio in India, through his story.

    Let's hope these cinematic tributes to medical and social issues in India add to the country's Oscar laurel.



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