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    Default Imtiaz unhappy over Kareena buzz

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    Imtiaz Ali is confused about love and would rather go on with his life. In Kolkata to prop up his next film, the director tells CT that PCHB’s

    objections to Saif’s sardar look in the film is only part of a healthy debate — and he’s none too happy with Bebo being the fodder for rumour mills....

    Charan Singh Sapra, the president of Punjabi Cultural and Heritage Board had objected to Saif’s bearded look in your next...
    We’ve not grown up seeing Sikhs as heroes in Hindi films. But those who’ve watched Jab We Met know that I hold the community in high esteem. I’m trying my best to change the clichéd perception. Just because the portrayal is spanking new, people are a little sceptical. It’s a healthy debate.

    Didn’t Sapra say that if the look wasn’t corrected, he’d be writing to the major Sikh organizations to stall the film’s release?
    There’s no such threat. Before release, issues are often unnecessarily speculated. Media too often goes into an overdrive.

    Before the release of Singh is Kinng, Akshay too had to apologize to the Sikh community...
    Hopefully, I wouldn’t need to go the Akshay way. My film’s protagonist is a hapless romantic. I expect it will make the community happier.

    Without being a part of the cast, Kareena had generated a lot of buzz...
    If people have made more news than the film itself, it’s unfortunate. I’m only interested in selling my film. It certainly doesn’t make me proud to know that Kareena has been the fodder for rumour mills.

    It is also rumoured that the entire unit apparently had taken a collective risk when it failed to get the permission to shoot a few sequences at London’s Leadenhall Market...
    I can’t authenticate the grey areas. Who wants to dig his own grave? Getting permission is not an absolute thing. I went ahead and did what I felt was right, without causing any inconvenience. I got the act excused in the name of ‘passion for cinema’.

    Your film deals with love in two generations. Your take on love...
    When young, I thought love was what Amitabh did with Rekha in Muqaddar Ka Sikandar. But now, I’m thoroughly confused. There are so many aspects to love. Soon, I’ll stop wondering what it actually is. There’s no point spending my time and energy over the same. I’d rather go on with my life.

    There’s a strong buzz that you are planning a sequel to JWM...
    Unfortunately, there’s no truth to the story. I wonder what the storyline would’ve been had I actually planned a sequel!

    You had shot a portion of your next in Kolkata. How does it feel to come back to the place?
    Kolkata is special to both the film and me since I shot a very romantic portion here. It’s not the familiar Bengali Kolkata, though. The film traces the fate of a Sikh family living in the 60s Kolkata. In fact, San Francisco and Kolkata have a quaint similarity in terms of the bridges and tramcars and there are intercuts in the film.

    Having walked the ramp at KFW and having wallpaper downloads online, you seem to have a market for yourself, which is nothing less than that of an actor’s...
    Walking the ramp was the most ridiculous offer that I had ever come across, but I took it up to see what it felt like. It wasn’t that bad.

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