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    Post Imran-Shruti angry at being called brother-sister

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    Imran Khan, it is learnt doesn’t like the tag of a chocolate hero given to him post his debut film; the romantic comedy Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na’s success. In fact, it seems he detests the word these days.

    The actor made it clear that he did not want to be associated with that tag anymore during his recent interview “Please don’t call me that. I have been trying to come out of that tag after Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na and have been doing different roles” he says.

    During the press meet when he was further prodded with questions like does he consider his co-star in Luck Shruti Haasan as a kid sister Imran looked stunned and replied, “She is a close family friend, and I have known her since we were kids. She is my co-star and a friend.”

    Shruti chose to take a call on that question and said, “Let’s not get into the brother sister relationships. We have been friends for the last so many years that I have lost count. We are romancing each other in the film so just keep to that. One can’t romance a brother, in fact the thought itself is repugnant, don’t make such insinuations in the future, ”

    Reacting on this Imran quipped that time, “Don’t use the word sister, it sounds horrible. We are more of friends. And one cannot romance a sister. It sounds very repulsive.”


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