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    Default Imran Khan set to file a PIL against new ruling…

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    The new law raising the alcohol consumption age to 25 in Maharashtra, is not being favored by many Bollywood stars. Actor Imran Khan appears to have taken it upon himself to file a PIL against the new ruling.

    Currently, media is abuzz that the ‘Delhi Belly’ protagonist Imran Khan feels that raising of the drinking age to 25 in Maharashtra is absolutely unfair, as when people can vote and marry at 18 and have kids at 21, then why cant they chose to drink or not to drink at an early age.

    Imran says he doesn’t endorse nor wish to promote drinking among youth. But what he’s concerned about is the right of freedom to choose for the youngsters who are mature enough to take important decisions like marriage.

    Imran’s call to action has his I Hate Luv Storys co-star Sonam Kapoor saying cheers as well.

    “If you can vote, get married, have children, drive a car… why on earth can’t you drink? It’s ridiculous we are not living in the dark ages,” said Sonam.

    Amitabh Bachchan has tweeted: “On drinking age limit increased to 25 ! Err .. old and mature enough to vote for the country, or join army ..and fight for the nation…but not old and mature enough to be told when you are allowed to drink ???? Strange ?!!!! (sic) .”

    Many other Bollywood stars have also spoken against the ruling.
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