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    Default Imraan follows his Aamir mamu

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    Imraan follows his Aamir mamu
    All knows that Imraan has been introduced into films by his uncle Aamir Khan but very few know that he is just like Aamir when it comes to acting. He got into Bollywood with a romantic comedy Jane Tu Ya Jane Na and now he is smartly choosing his films and different genres like action and sex comedy.

    After Jane Tu…Imraan was considered as new chocolate boy but he shed that image by doing a total action flick Kidnap. He had to work hard on his body to look convincing for the role of a kidnapper. He worked out to get the muscular look for his forthcoming film Luck.

    Now he is all set to lose that muscular look for his forthcoming film Delly Belly. Imraan has stopped exercising and lost weight to sport a gaunt look in this sex comedy. Interestingly Aamir's knows for experimenting new looks for his films. He is sporting a different look and has worked hard to get those eight packs for Ghajini.

    Needless to say Aamir is a great inspiration for nephew Imraan Khan.

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    Thank you so much for sharing with us.

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    thanks for sharing



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