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    Default New image for The Enfant Terrible... Salman Khan !!!

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    Trust Salman Khan to always court extremes. So far he has done not one short film on a public issue. Now starting next month we’ll see him in as many as 30 of these films on television one after another, all for a cause.

    Salman Khan has never done so much media coverage before, and there’s a good reason for it.

    Almost all the marketing for Wanted will benefit Salman’s new charity concern Being Human in one way or another.

    In fact Boney Kapoor’s company has created 30 public -awareness short films with Salman which will begin airing a week before the release of Wanted. These films will have Salman addressing the public about social issues such as drugs, old people, crime, etc.

    Boney says, “It’s true Salman’s keen interest in marketing Wanted has a lot to do with his newly-discovered craving for organized social work. This was a side to Salman that always existed. It just needed to be harnessed. Earlier too he contributed hugely to charitable and social causes. But not in this organized fashion.”

    The 30 short films directed by Nikhil Saini are expected to give Salman a new image. He has always been seen to have the picture of an enfant-terrible. Now Salman wants to change that. He has seen his colleagues create public awareness. Now it’s his turn.

    Says Boney, “About time. The 30 short films will be unleashed in quick succession one after another. Salman is one of the best humanbeings I’ve met.

    We first bonded over Vodka and Bracardi in Hyderabad when he was shooting for Judwaa and I for Judaai. Later I asked him to do a 2-day appearance in Sirf Tum. He immediately agreed. When I asked his fee he said he wanted another drinking session like the one in Hyderabad.

    Then he did No Entry for me at time when I was going through a low. Even for Milenge Milenge he agreed to a cameo until he opted out for whatever reason.”

    Salam had abandoned the project because of differences with Shahid Kapoor.

    Says Boney, “For Wanted we wanted Salman to completely abandon the bad boy image. Salman is a youth icon. And those 30 short films on public issues we’ve produced will project him as a responsible citizen and an icon who knows his duties.”

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