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    Default I'm waiting for someone special: Shahid

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    Bollywoodís man with lightening in his feet, Shahid Kapoor seems pretty chilled out and unfazed by controversies in real life.

    In town to shoot for an untitled film opposite Anushka Sharma, Shahid seems very comfortable in his skin. While heís reluctant to discuss about his private life or his rumoured amours with Priyanka Chopra, Vidya Balan and Sania Mirza, the teen heartthrob says heís ďlearnt to take all the rumours with a pinch of saltĒ and claims heís just a ďregularĒ young guy after pack-up. Excerpts from an exclusive interview:

    Kaminey and Dil Bole Hadippa... are set to hit the screens.

    Yeah. Their release dates are pretty close to each other. Kaminey will hit the screens this month, while Dil Bole Hadippa is slated for a September release. Both are very different films and Iím excited as well as a little nervous. The levels of expectations increase after your previous films have done well at the BO. Jab We Met was a turning point in my career. After Vivaah, I sat home for six months because I didnít like anything that came my way. Then Jab We Met happened. Things changed after that. Audiences expect a lot more with each release.

    Kaminey is different from the films you have done so far...

    Thatís true. When Vishal approached me he said, ĎShahid, ek commercial film banate hain yaarí. Vishal is a great director and I was excited to be part of his film. Itís also the first time Iím playing a double role and both characters are totally different from one another. While one speaks with a lisp, the other stammers. Yes, it is different from other films Iíve done, and thatís what makes Kaminey so special for me. But thereís so much to look forward to in that film. Thereís Vishal Bharadwaj, thereís the romance angle with Priyanka and thereís the rocking number Dhan te naan.

    And then thereís also the shirtless scene.

    Oh yes (laughs). Vishal didnít have to convince me a lot to do the scene. Itís important for the character of Charlie, who is into horse racing. I didnít do it because going shirtless is the current fad in B-town. I trained really hard for a year to achieve the look I have for the scene. Plus I had six to seven white horses running behind me who were equally good-looking. I had no option but train hard. Moreover, Iím very diet conscious and I eat really boring food.

    The kind of movies you do is very different from the brand of films your dad (Pankaj Kapur) is synonymous with. Ever fancy trying your hand at that?

    There was a time when people did not accept Ďdifferentí cinema that came their way. But these days they are more acceptable and expect a lot more from an actor. Iíll be testing the waters with Kaminey. If it works, then I donít mind doing something different. If it doesnít, then it will give me some food for thought, as to what the audience like and expect.

    Your pairing with Rani Mukerji in Dil Bole Hadippa is pretty unconventional too.

    Yes. But I have no apprehensions about it. Iím sure the makers knew what they were doing when they decided to pair me opposite Rani. The film is an out-an-out masala entertainer. Working with Rani is such a pleasure because she takes a lot of the load off you. And if I had doubts about our pairing, I wouldnít have signed the film at all.

    Speaking of signing, rumours have it that you did not want to sign your momís film...

    There has been a lot of stuff written about it. But honestly, I donít see why I should come out and talk about it. Itís something very personal and I would like to keep it that way. These silly rumours have not created any friction between us, because my relationship with mom is not fragile.

    You are one actor who is constantly being linked-up with every co-star.

    Every morning when I wake up and open the newspaper, I find the media linking me with someone or the other. Itís really annoying. But then itís all part of the deal. I donít know if itís because Iím single or because people would like to see me linked with someone. I know that someday, someone special will walk into my life and that day Iím going to be absolutely over the moon. Even if thereís no one, no harm ó Iím happy being single right now.



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