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    Default I'm SINGLE doesn't mean I'm BREAKING marriages : Preity Zinta

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    Mumbai: Preity Zinta has seen a lot of upheavals in life, but the spunk and outspoken attitude is intact. Every bit her old cheerful self, she doesn?t miss a beat to speak out what is on her mind, and to put the facts straight.

    Talking to a news daily recently she talked about her single status. She said, "I don't deny the fact that I'm single." And quite in character, she confessed that men do hit on her. She smiled, "Sure, all the time, but the press hits on me as well!"

    Sobering up, she added, "But I'm the same person, with the same values, just because I'm single it does not mean I'm breaking marriages. Don't link me with every Tom, **** and Harry."

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