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    Default Hugh Grant: 'Rain Makes My Head Swell!'

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    HUGH GRANT hates filming rain scenes because he's convinced the drizzle makes his head swell.

    The actor hates watching himself performing in the rain - because it always looks like he has a "gigantic pumpkin head".

    He warned director Marc Lawrence about scripting a rainy moment in new film Did You Hear About The Morgans? but he didn't listen - and now he's convinced fans will mock his big head this holiday season.

    He tells WENN, "Something funny happened in the rain scene that I noticed in the film - my head expands and I had this gigantic pumpkin head! I could hardly get my head into the wide frame and it was shot in cinema scope.

    "I find I have a normal size head when it's not raining and then I turn the corner and suddenly it's a pumpkin.

    "At the same time, (co-star) Sarah Jessica's head shrunk to the size of a bead. Suddenly there's this freak with a pumpkin head doing this love scene with this bead-headed creature. Then we turn the corner and we're back to normal heads again.

    "I said to Marc, 'You're going to regret this bitterly because every rain scene I've ever done it just ends up like hell. It's hell in continuity and it's hell for sound - like the end of Four Weddings and a Funeral in the rain.'

    " I said at the time to (director) Richard Curtis, 'Don't do this, because you'll have to dub the whole scene later because of the noise.' He said, 'I promise we won't and it's gonna be live sound.' And of course the whole thing was dubbed."


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