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    Default Hrithik, Zayed party all night!

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    The Bachchans had a post award bash in Macau, in their gigantic Presidential suite, and while a lot of filmis (winners and non-winners) turned
    up at the party, the gang who had a real blast was Hrithik-Suzanne, Zayed-Mallika, Farah-Aqeel, Priyanka and Kangna.

    These buddies were all in the highest of ‘spirits’ and nearly all had that extra ‘glazed’ look in their eyes (now we do wonder what that meant, hmmnn, do you?). Anyway, you must be wondering how we know. ‘Coz we were there, darlings, especially since we were all waiting for elevators to take us back to our respective floors in the Venetian-inspired resort. And the party gang thought it was the ‘picture-perfect’ moment to take a couple of nice photographs for memory-sake, before they headed to Hrithik’s suite to keep the ‘high spirits’ flowing. Now guess what, one of our jasoos got a picture, too. So cute.

    But hush, we’ll let them be now, for most had won deserving awards (so what if Ashutosh felt otherwise about Priyanka’s trophy and how it should’ve gone to Ash, but that’s another item) and had reason to celebrate and feel high. Now take a look at this pic. We love to watch our beauties let their hair down; for you can’t always expect them to be ‘picture-perfect’ idols, no?
    They’re human like us, too. So, let’s say, ‘Cheers’, lovelies!



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