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    Talking Hrithik in Madame Tussads...

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    Hrithik in Madame Tussads...
    Hrithik Roshan is the latest star who is going to be waxed at Madamme Tussaud's, is the buzzing news making waves now!!

    A trend which was started by Amitabh Bachchan who was the first to make it to Tussaud's was soon followed by Aishwarya and then the honor was bestowed upon the very popular King Khan.

    Later, it was Salman Khan's turn to hit the headlines with this news and now, it is Hrithik's turn to get waxed at Madame Tussads.

    According to sources, as soon as Salman's statue was unveiled, the hunt was on for the next Bollywood star to make it here, and Hrithik, for his immense popularity and fan following all over the globe will now see himself getting a place in the wax museum.

    Only the 5th actor from Bollywood to be honored among the greats, Hrithik has surely made a mark for himself! Well, wondering where Aamir Khan is in this list?

    The answer is very much on the expected lines, as it is heard that Aamir had got a call long back to pose for the statue to be made, but the actor had turned the offer down!! Nothing new in this, right?

    Anyway, kudos to the celebrities who have made it to the Madame Tussads!!



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