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    Talking Hrithik wanted a girl this time

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    Hrithik wanted a girl this time
    By Subhash K Jha

    In all the time that one has known Hrithik one has never known him to be so happy.

    "It feels wonderful!" he exulted speaking from the Lilavati hospital on the evening of 1 May, the day his baby was born.

    "I never thought fatherhood the second time would be so special, so exhilarating. I can't take my eyes off the baby ?He is soooooooo beautiful!!"

    Hrithik's voice brims over with paternal pride. Any disappointment for the fact that the second child wasn't a girl as Hrithik wanted?

    "Earlier before the baby came I did want a girl this time, yes. To complete the family picture. But the minute I saw my mew baby's face I was as content as I could be?In fact he has already had his first photo-session, ha ha.

    The entire family of about 35 people except my Dad is here. So we all gathered around the baby and the photographer went click click click. He seemed to really enjoy it."

    Another star from the Roshan family?

    "Probably," Hrithik chuckles happily. "All of are here at the hospital.Only my dad is missing. He's in Santa Fe (USA) hunting locations for our film Kites. But we just e-mailed him a picture of the baby."

    And what's the baby going to be called? 'Right now we haven't thought of any particular name. We're just so happy to see him healthy and happy. Both mom and child are fine. Susanne will be home in a day or two."



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