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    Default "I hope audiences accept me in this comic role" - Sonu Sood

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    By Nikhil Ramsubramaniam, February 24, 2009 - 12:26 IST

    Sonu Sood Last year was a turning point of sorts for actor Sonu Sood. The tall, dark and handsome actor received both critical and commercial acclaim for his brilliant portrayal of Rajkumar Sujamal in the epic Jodhaa Akbar and as Kinng in Singh is Kinng. This year, the actor is already enjoying the multiple nominations that are coming his way at various award functions. He is also busy promoting his next film, Dhoondte Reh Jaoge, an out and out comedy which opens across the cinema halls early next month. Bollywood Hungama got chatting with the talented Sonu Sood who just returned for a short break from the Dubai schedule of his first international film City of Life.

    The promos of Dhoondte Reh Jaoge look hilarious. What is the film all about?
    It's a very funny film about a producer (Paresh Rawal) who wants to make a big film with a Superstar (played by me). Mid-way through the making of the film, the Superstar realizes that all is not well and hence decides to walk out of the project. However the producer instead of shelving the film goes ahead and completes the film with the Superstar's look-alikes which leads to hilarious situations.

    So… you play the Superstar in the film?
    Yes…I play Aryan Kapoor who is a Superstar and is very choosy about the kind of roles he does. He finally agrees to work with this producer who has been after him for a while. But when all is not hunky-dory he leaves the project mid-way.

    I play Aryan Kapoor who is a Superstar and is very choosy about the kind of roles he does.
    You are seen in quite a few interesting, different get-ups in the film. Could you tell us a bit more on that?
    Yes …Apart from playing the Superstar, I also play the look-alike of the Superstar. So you will see me in different get-ups. In one scene I play Amitabh Bachchan of Deewar, in one scene I play Dharam paaji of Sholay, in one shot I play Shah Rukh of DDLJ, and then there is also a scene where I play Sunny of Gadar and finally a shot in which I also play Aamir from Lagaan. So you will see me in these various get-ups. Playing each of these characters was both interesting and challenging. The whole process of shooting for this film was really nice.

    Sonu Sood You are known as an intense actor. So, how was it doing an out and out comedy like Dhoondte Reh Jaoge?
    I took it up as a challenge. When you've been doing action roles for a while, people expect you to do a romantic film. Then when you do romantic films for a while, they want you to do a comedy. I believe that you should be open to such challenges as the audience also likes a little bit of a surprise every now and then. This was a different role for me which I was attempting for the first time. I hope that the audiences accept me in this (comic) role too.

    One of your get-ups has you playing a dwarf. How easy or tough was that?
    Yes (laughs). It was not easy as you have to fold your legs and walk and even maintain a different body-language. We had a couple of dwarves on the sets who were present to see if I got the mannerisms right.

    It was not easy playing a dwarf as you have to fold your legs and walk and even maintain a different body-language.
    How was it working with Soha, Kunal Khemu, Paresh Rawal and Johnny Lever?
    They are all brilliant actors and are very sincere towards their work. Soha is a fine actress, Kunal is very sincere, Pareshji has done so much of work that it's always great to have someone of his experience on the sets. Johnny bhai is always a pleasure to work with. As a team, we were always giving suggestions, improvising our scenes and the result shows on screen.

    Director Umesh Shukla is making his debut with this film. How do you think he has done for his first film?
    Umesh has worked with directors like Priyadarshan in the past. I always believe that the script of the film is the 'Hero' of the film. DRJ is a very well-written script and we played our parts with conviction and that shows on screen. Since this is his first film, the zeal to give it his best was there in Umesh which is great for the film.

    Since this is his first film, the zeal to give it his best was there in Umesh which is great for the film.
    Any funny incidents during the shoot of such a funny film?
    Oh! There were lots of funny incidents. I remember Soha and I were shooting for a romantic number in the middle of the water in Malaysia. She was wearing chappals in the water. And suddenly her chappals came off and were floating in the middle of the water. We all couldn't control our laughter on seeing the chappals in the frame. We had lots of fun on the sets.

    Is the film a spoof on the film industry like say an Om Shanti Om or to some extent...say a Luck By Chance?
    It's not a spoof...It's a true story which shows the process of how bad films get made in Bollywood.

    Sonu Sood Last year was special for you with Jodhaa Akbar and Singh Is Kinng. You have even been nominated for the Filmfare awards in the Best Supporting Actor category. How does it feel?
    It feels really nice when all your work has been appreciated and recognized. When you are not from a filmy background, you are always trying to make your mark. I am happy that I am finally getting my due as an actor.

    What else is in store besides Dhoondte Reh Jaoge?
    Besides Dhoondte Reh Jaoge there is City of Life, an international film for which I am shooting right now in Dubai. I play Basu, an Indian taxi driver in Dubai who wants to become an actor. He drives the taxi in the day and performs in the clubs at night. The story is about his journey of his survival.

    You even scared the daylights out of everyone in the Telugu flick Arundhati. Any plans to star in the remake as well?
    Yeah... The Telugu film was a huge hit. The producers are planning to remake the film and have asked me for my dates. Even though a lot of actors have been trying to bag the role, the fact that producers still have faith in me, which really means a lot to me. If all goes well, we may start that film soon.



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