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    Default Id rather take another holiday than do a bad film

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    Id rather take another holiday than do a bad film

    By Subhash K Jha

    Kareena has received as many as four awards in the last one month.

    And she loves it! Who doesnt like attention, recognition and awards? Ive got four awards in a month beginning with the environment award I got from Erin Brockovich, then two youth icon awards from Rotary International and Stardust. And now on Tuesday I was honoured by FICCI which Mr Yash Chopra gave to me.

    Kareena is running out space to keep the trophies. My mother gets exasperated each time I bring home another trophy. Saif wants to know where Im going to keep all of them. Ive set aside a whole enclave for trophies and awards. I love looking at them. One day my children are going to look at them and be proud of me.

    For children to happen Kareena first needs to get married. It wont happen for the next two years for sure. Am I crazy to get married now when so many wonderful things are happening to my career?

    Saif himself is ultra-busy trying to set up his production house. Marriage can wait. Im just happy to have him by my side. Ive got the best guy any girl can ever have. Right now Im so busy I dont have time to sleep properly. I havent even had time to move into my new house.

    After a long time Kareena will be in Mumbai for a some time now. Ive a month-long schedule of Rensils film coming up in Mumbai.

    Its hard for Kareena to keep up with the surge crowds and awards in her life.

    In Delhi last week, Saif and Kareena returned home this week to Mumbai without much shooting done for Rensil d Silvas film.

    We never expected such crowds. They were everywhere. And it was impossible to shoot, she says sounding not the least put off. Those people who love me out there keep me going. I love my fans and awards.

    And now Delhi will have to be fudged in the Mumbai schedule of dSilvas film.

    The extent of the surging crowds in Delhi in the key shooting spots like Jama Masjid and Janpath for Rensel DSilvas untitled film was so huge and unmanageable that the unit has returned without shooting the required sequences.

    Back in Mumbai after a week of futile shooting Kareena says, Everywhere we went there were these huge number of people who had come to see Saif and me. They were very sweet very well-behaved. But unfortunately the number of people in key places like Jama Masjid and Janpath was always too high to shoot properly.

    Resultantly there was almost no shooting.

    Says Kareena, We did can some shots. But it was impossible to shoot with wide-angle lenses because the crowds were everywhere. Well now have to recreate some of the Delhi sequences in Mumbai.

    Kareena is certainly not unhappy about the attention she got in Delhi. The people in Delhi were so warm. It just made me realize how much of a responsibility I have towards my audience. At this stage of my career Id rather take another holiday than do a bad film.

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