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    Default Big B HITS OUT at CRITICS for MIXED 'Delhi 6' REVIEWS

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    Mega star Amitabh Bachchan has hit out at film critics for judging the recently released 'Delhi 6' and the Oscar bound 'Slumdog Millionaire' on different yardsticks.

    Bachchan said 'Delhi-6' portrays the philosophy that the system needs strength, honesty and needs to look within.

    "The system...Needs strength..Needs an honesty... Needs to look within... A philosophy, ironically, portrayed so beautifully in Delhi-6 and an aspect, so mercilessly criticised in the reviews and opinions," the mega star wrote on his blog.

    "Are we being reluctant and fearful then, of looking into the mirror?? he asked.

    The actor said the same "learned critics" had derided those who had expressed negative opinion on 'Slumdog Millionaire', vociferously defending the contents of the film, by arguing, that those who opposed it, did so, because they were reluctant to accept someone who was showing them a mirror.

    "So then, metaphorically speaking, or should it rather be, philosophically speaking, what are we saying - 'Slumdog..' is ok and 'Delhi 6' not?" the actor said adding that he was baffled at the reviews given by critics.

    Taking a dig at critics for the mixed reviews of "Delhi 6", Bachchan said, "they (critics) are masters of the game. They are trained and knowledged in the job. Their opinion counts and forms basis of analysis in attracting the customer to the theatre."

    "So how feasible is their report when their observations differ to such an extreme and large extent?" he asked.

    The actor said "Delhi 6" is a mirror on today?s society, its complications and its frailties. It addresses cultures and beliefs, human nature and influences.

    The mirror to the society is cleverly and even physically demonstrated through the 'mad' baba who maniacally keeps appearing in the streets holding a mirror to the characters of the film.

    The black monkey menace has been symbolically taken into the story as being that a hidden black monkey exists within all of us, Bachchan said.

    On the eve of the release of "Slumdog Millionaire" in India, Bachchan wrote that the film had received global recognition because it was made by a westerner.

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