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    Default Hijack challenges biggies, confirmed for August attack

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    Plan for Hijack may have been foiled for a couple of times with the dates moving from May to June. However, it has now been confirmed by the commander-in-chief, Kunal Shivdasani, that this 'assignment' would finally take shape for sure in the month of August.

    Be wary of taking your next flight in the month to come because Kunal is all set to have this Hijack being executed to perfection in a manner which would make the world stand up and take notice.

    "Looks like you are all set to prove me as a criminal and put me behind bars", laughs Kunal, the director of Shiney Ahuja-Esha Deol starrer Hijack, "For heaven's sake this is a movie and not a real hijack in motion, ok?"

    Getting serious, he replies on the query around the movement of the film from June to August. What really happened? Without battling an eyelid Kunal reveals, "Actually, I am re-shooting a few shots towards the film's climax. I wasn't happy with the way some of the shots had been canned and wanted to add on some more grandeur to the proceedings."

    When majority of filmmakers shy away from revealing anything about re-shooting their films, Kunal is nonchalant in his confession. "But what's there to hide about", he questions, "It is my baby, I am the co-producer of the film as well and it is entirely my prerogative if I feel I can make my baby look even more beautiful. When I was looking at the final cut, I felt that since the film has turned out to be so big, let me take it to the highest level possible. Hence, the decision to re-shoot a little!"

    August is a heavy weight month already with as many as 5 biggies looking forward to a release - Singh Is Kinng, Drona, Bachna Ae Haseenon, Kidnap and Rock On. Won't it make it a bit tough for Hijack as well?

    Laughs Kunal, "Well, then let's make it 6 biggies in that case! Hijack has its own magnitude and scale and there is no reason why it should be considered to be any lesser than the films you mentioned. We have got a tremendous response from the first teaser of the film that we released recently and to quote the cliché - 'Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost'!"



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