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    Default Hey Ayesha, Happy Number 24!

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    Marriage Comes First: Farhan Azmi and Ayesha Takia.

    Farhan Azmi plans out wife's first birthday post-shaadi

    Ayesha Takia and Farhan Azmi who got married in March have just returned from their European honeymoon - and today, they celebrate Ayesha's 24th birthday together.

    Her birthday follows a day after Farhan's decision not to contest elections.

    Marriage Comes First: Farhan Azmi and Ayesha Takia.

    Talking about his birthday plans for Ayesha, Farhan told us yesterday, "I am very excited about her birthday. We plan to have dinner with both the families with a white chocolate cake, flowers and great food.

    Ayesha is a sweetheart and like a child though she's only three years younger than me. I have to completely pamper her tomorrow."

    Though Farhan is a restaurateur and good cook himself this time he won't be whipping up a treat for Ayesha. "My dad's elder brother is a reputed surgeon in Manchester so my family is there.

    Apart from there we had taken up an apartment in London when we went there for a one-month honeymoon. At the apartment, I would cook lots of pasta for Ayesha."

    Different honeymoon

    Farhan says that from Europe they travelled to Paris, Brussels, Antwerp and Amsterdam. "We had a great time there. I took Ayesha by car and train, which she's never done before. We tried not to make it into a typical honeymoon.

    Instead, we shopped and shopped and came back with 18 bags full of gifts. Those are my birthday gifts for Ayesha!"

    Farhan was to contest the elections on the Samajwadi Party ticket but he declined yesterday. Apparently, Ayesha was initially against his decision to contest.

    Farhan says, "Last week, when Ayesha and I were in London, I was woken up by my dad (Abu Asim Azmi) and Amar Singh asking me whether I wanted to contest the elections this time.

    I told them it was Ayesha's decision and I would have to speak to her.

    Initially, she was reluctant as she felt we had just started on our married life and politics would take the time we spent together away.

    But when I told her that I wanted to work for the youth, country and secularism, she was very supportive."

    Supportive biwi

    Farhan says that Ayesha told him she would handle everything from his business to her acting. "Ayesha's mom also told me she would campaign for me in Marathi."

    But Farhan's not contesting the elections now. "I am a businessman and I would like to run my constituency just the way I run my hotels.

    I feel 18 days is too short a period to let people know what my ideologies are. Instead, I would like to contest the Legislative Assembly elections six months down the line."

    Ayesha says: I am very supportive of what Farhan does and would stand by him. I am not disappointed that he didn't contest this time.

    It's important to do this in the right way. I want him do this in the future. It's important for young honest and sincere people to bring about change and Farhan's intentions are honest.

    I am very childish about birthdays and want big things for it. I don't have too many friends so like the usual years Farhan and I will be bringing it in with our families tonight with an intimate dinner at home or outside."



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