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    Default "Do heroines really hate each other" asks Asin

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    You would have thought with her only film (The 19th Step with Kamal Haasan and Japanese star Tadanobu Asano) hitting a rough patch, the lovely
    actress Asin Thottumkal might be depressed.

    Instead, she’s enjoying the monsoon and forced vacation at her new 3BHK in Versova where her neighbours are Sridevi and Tabu.

    Asin’s under contract so she can’t comment on the reasons for her film being stalled. But she chirps happily, “I will complete all my endorsement work now and read scripts.”

    When Asin’s car first drove into the building complex where she now lives, it was Sridevi’s younger daughter Khushi who ran up to her. According to Asin, “Sridevi herself is an absolute picture of grace and she welcomed me to Bollywood with open arms.”

    Tabu, who resides in the building opposite, hasn’t yet met her to say hello. “But we met at the Filmfare Awards and shared a jacket because the air-conditioning was so strong,’’ says Asin. At the same function, she bumped into Preity Zinta who gregariously hugged and welcomed her to Hindi cinema, as well. “And at the Femina Miss India contest, where I shared a podium with Sushmita Sen, her daughter Renee sat on my lap for the longest time,’’ recalls Asin.

    Naturally, she wonders why the media exaggerates the so-called cat-fights between actresses. “Do actresses really hate each other,’’ she asks. “I’ve been lucky in this aspect,’’ adds the South sensation who made a niche for herself last year with Bollywood’s highest grosser, Ghajini. “Sonam is my best friend in Mumbai,’’ she smiles.

    They have been making plans to hangout and do girlie things, but haven’t got around to partying yet because of their individual work schedules. She also fails to understand why the media harps on about actresses giving each other the royal ignore because Deepika Padukone and she are buddies.

    “We SMS each other as often as possible and we’re even set to shoot for Farah Khan’s talk show together,’’ she reveals. “Just because we’re competing for the same roles, it hardly means we can’t be civil with each other.”

    We’ll check out the scorecard when the honeymoon is over.

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