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    Katrina Kaif might have got her share of success at the box office, but the same cannot be said about her love life. After staying in Salman Khan’s shadows for several years, problems had hit paradise. Following the big Khan fall-out on Kat’s birthday, the actress too had decided to give up on her romance with the Khan. Following her first big break-up, the actress, who was having a good time in Ranbir Kapoor’s arms on screen, was reportedly enjoying it off-screen as well. Tired of her romantic failures, Katrina has now decided to stay away from industry wallahs in matters of the heart. In fact, Mirror has learnt that the actress has asked her mother to ‘arrange’ a suitable boy for her.
    A close friend of the actress said, “Katrina has told her mother to find her a guy. She has decided to go with whatever ‘momma says’.”
    This decision comes in the wake of rumours about Katrina and her ex-flame Ranbir Kapoor rekindling their romance. Katrina, currently in London, is not amused with the stories about her and Ranbir floating around. And though the actress was unavailable for comment, her friend explained, “Katrina is done with Ranbir. She didn’t want to spend time with him and that’s why decided to opt out of Ayaan Mukerji’s film. In fact, Katrina will not consider offers to be cast opposite Ranbir in the near future.”

    As far as love is concerned, Katrina is done with Bollywood actors. “No looking for or falling in love in the film industry for Katrina. She has learnt the hard way that love is a rare commodity in the industry. She wants to avoid any more emotional stress in the future and just focus on her work. No emotional involvement with co-stars, no matter the temptation,



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