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    Default Health and Fitness comes first for Aamir!

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    Aamir Khan, who had bowled over everybody with his rippling muscles in his last release Ghajini, has put on seven kgs because he couldnít work out regularly for the last three months. The diligent actor couldnít pay much attention to his fitness regime because he and wife Kiran Rao have been battling with a personal loss after she had a miscarriage. The couple has gone on a month-long holiday to a remote village in Europe to get over the trying time.

    Aamir, who is scheduled to shoot a romantic song with Kareena Kapoor for Raju Hiraniís forthcoming film Three Idiots on September 21, wants to look his best. When he figured that itís about time he gets back in shape, he searched online for a badminton coach in Europe so that he can lose weight before he starts shooting with Kareena. Although it wasnít easy finding a suitable badminton coach as itís not a popular sport in Europe, Aamir made sure he has his fitness regime in place before he reached there.

    Aamir wanted to make sure he sticks to his favourite way of staying in shape, which he has been doing over the years by regularly playing badminton, apart from his regular work outs and diet. According to sources, Aamir believes that playing badminton not only keeps him fit but is also a fun way to maintain his weight. He has been known to get up at the crack of dawn to get his daily dose of the game even on days when he has to report to the sets early in the morning.

    This time too, Aamir has a special coach who stays with him 24/7 at the European villa, where he and Kiran are staying, so that he can play when ever he feels like it.

    Apart from his daily games of badminton, Aamir also follows Dr Dhurandarís diet to stay super fit.

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