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    Default Harmanís 12 songs for Priyanka

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    Harman Baweja and Priyanka Chopra are ... good friends, of course! But they must be better friends than they or the

    world realises. A little birdie tells us that even their idea of romance is similar ... uh, did we say similar? Sorry, we meant identical!

    Recently, someone asked Harman the most romantic thing he had ever done for Ďsomeoneí and his reply was, ďWell, I once made a cd with 12 of my favourite songs and I did a voiceover before each song.Ē

    So what, you wonder? Well, thereís a sequel to this little love confession. The same friend, also known to Pranks (thatís her latest nickname!), asked her the same question. And, Priyanka goes, ďI donít know about the most romantic thing Iíve ever done, but the most romantic thing that somebody ever did for me was ... Ē And, yes, you guess right ó it was the cd compilation of 12 songs.

    Now, we donít know if the actors are in sync to promote their upcoming film Whatís Your Rashi?, based on the 12 sun signs, but it sure tells us that theyíve got each other on their minds! So, are they together or arenít they? Just tell us, guys!



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