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    Default Gulshan Grover finds its hard to kiss Katrina

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    Katrina Kaif debuted in Bollywood in 2003 with Boom. The fashion- gangster movie, which was mentioned as a soft porn flick in disguise by critics, bombed at the box office. The film had a lip-lock scene between the Raajneeti Actress and the bad boy of Bollywood Gulshan Grover.

    Boom, is one movie that Katrina would not like to stick to her acting career since she is one of the most successful actress in Bollywood today. However, what she cannot disassociate herself from is the controversial kissing scene where Katrina Kaif smooches Gulshan Grover.

    In a recent interview, Gulshan Grover revealed that the kissing scene in Kaizad’s directorial film Boom was the most difficult sequence that he had ever done in his career.

    The Boom team had apparently got only two hours to shoot for the lip-lock scene in a submerged aquarium at Hotel Burj Al Arab in Dubai. Since Gulshan was extremely nervous to shoot for the scene, he along with Katrina Kaif practised the smooch several times in a closed room.

    Gulshan Grover even added that while he was practising the lip-lock scene with Katrina, Amitabh Bachchan walked into the room and cheered him. This, he said only increased his stress further.

    Well, the worse was yet to come….

    As Katrina and Gulshan appeared before director Kaizad, he suggested that Katrina glide over the table, grab Gulshan by his collar and smooch him. Gulshan Grover was apparently shocked to hear this as he did not practice the scene.

    However, Katrina Kaif was extremely confident of pulling out the show and helped him cool down. They then went ahead with the lip-lock scene that later became the most talked about sequence though the film flopped badly at the box office.

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