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    Default Govinda is in full form!

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    Though Govinda is not letting the cat out of the bag, in Mani Ratnamís Raavana he plays the man who guides Aishwarya Raiís screen husband(Vikram) through the difficult forest terrain chasing the social outcast who has kidnapped his wife.

    In fact, his role is not loosly based on Lord Hanuman anymore.

    All the mythological analogy is being cleared out of Maniís film and Govindaís role is the first to benefit from the cleansing act. What started as an extended cameo has now become a full-fledged role.

    Meanwhile, rumours doing the rounds about Govindaís eccentric behaviour have not affected him. He said, ďIf Iím so difficult why did Mani offer me such a role?Ē According to Govinda thereís absolutely no truth to the rumours that Mani is unhappy with him. ďIn fact, my character of the man who guides the protagonist through the forest has shaped into an achha khaasa role as the film progressed.Ē

    Apparently, Mani is so pleased with Govinda that he has offered him another film. Commenting on his work, Govinda said, ďBahut mushkil se mujhe kaam phir mila hai (Iíve got work again after much difficulty). Iíve to concentrate on holding what Iíve found after a long struggle rather than give importance to people who are trying to malign me.Ē

    ďMani, Santosh Sivan (cinematographer), Abhishek (Bachchan) and I have been shooting happily for the film. Recently, when an elephant killed his mahout in Kerala, the unit had to shift to Ooty where I will be joining them on August 18,Ē he added.

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