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    Namaste, thoda thoda, sab theek hai and chai lao are the few Hindi words that Giselle Monteiro's learnt so far. But in spite of her limited knowledge of Hindi, the Brazilian model-turned-actor fit the role of a Punjabi kudi to a T in Love Aaj Kal. She feels she bagged the role of Harleen because of her 'Indian looks'. When asked why she was out of media attention for all this while, she says it was a 'professional decision' taken by the production house and her agency. "If people knew I was Brazilian, they would have found it difficult to accept me as a Punjabi girl," she says.
    But now that she's been accepted by the audience, Giselle plans to stay on in India for some more time and watch how things turn out. "I am learning Hindi and will enroll for dancing classes soon. I found the Bollywood dance steps in Love Aaj Kal very tough. Though it'll take a bit of time to get used to the nuances of Bollywood style of dancing, I'll master it," says a confident Giselle.
    Her role in Love Aaj Kal was that of a small-town woman who respected traditional values and customs. Giselle says she could relate very well to the character because of her small-town upbringing. "Like Harleen, even I come from a small city in Brazil. That experience helped me connect with her," she says.
    To get her act right, Giselle did a lot of research . "I watched movies from the 60s. Most of those were films of Sharmila Tagore and Madhubala. Even though I couldn't understand the language, those movies taught me so much about emoting like an Indian girl."
    She's also in awe of Sharmila Tagore's 'beauty'. "Even without uttering a word, she said so much through her eyes," says Giselle.
    Before stepping foot in India, she has been part of the international glamour industry for a few years. Now that she's part of the same industry here, does she notice any difference in the working styles?
    "There is a lot of difference. For example, in a place like Paris people are so used to the fashion world that they end up doing and seeing the same thing again and again on a daily basis. Models come and go everyday. So they don't really care about who they are working with. But in India, people are treated in a much better way. Indians have a very welcoming nature. And that made me feel more confident here," Giselle ends.




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