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    Default Gauri never gifted SRK

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    When host Farah Khan asks him if Gauri ever cooked for him, as wives generally do for husbands, SRK let us in on a little secret, "When Gauri
    and I were newly married, my mother-in-law was very disturbed and hassled. Punjabi hain meri mother in law ...

    She said, "Agar tenu khaana naahi pakaana aauga (if you wonít know cooking).. the way to manís heart is through his stomach.. aur agar accha khaana nahi khilaaogi toh tenu chaad de ga..(if you wonít cook good food for him then he will leave you!)" She came to Mumbai and enrolled Gauri in a cooking class. In two days, it was good that she came and then she went back.. I am just joking! The next time she came, she asked me how I was liking Gauri's cooking & praised Gauri a lot. Then I learnt that after my mother in law returned, Gauri enrolled the maids for the cooking class and never went for it herself.

    When it comes to gifts too, Gauri has her unique way of handling things. Says SRK, "Normally all the gifts I've given Gauri in the last 24 years, she always accepts it and gives me a casual hug in front of all thanking me and 99.9% of the time, she returns the gift and takes something else in its place.."

    Asks Farah, "What does Gauri gift you?" SRK responds, "Gauri has not given me a single gift... Unka excuse hai aur bolne kaa tareeka hai, "what can I give a man who has everything including me?"

    He adds, "I was in London after my spine injury and I bought some oversized T-shirts. I couldn't wear them and then I asked Gauri to retun those and get something else. Gauri said that in London we can't exchange them. Later my friends said that Gauri had exchanged the T-shirts and got a hand-bag for herself saying that I was in hospital and what would I do with the new T-shirts, instead a handbag will be more useful ... "



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