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    Default GALI GALI... was written two years before Anna movement

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    GALI GALI CHOR HAI is up for release and Rumi Jaffery, the filmmaker who has directed the likes of Amitabh Bachchan, Salman Khan, Govinda and Priyanka Chopra in films like GOD TUSSI GREAT HO and LIFE PARTNER, can be heard singing praises about Akshaye Khanna who, as per the director, was always his first choice to play Bharat.

    GALI GALI CHOR HAI movie stills

    "Believe me, when I started this script I could only think of Akshaye. He is a very good actor and the kind of expressions he gives undoubtedly makes him a kind of common man that you would see in Bhopal or Bareilly or a Bikaner", he says, "God is really great because you may have an ideal cast in your mind but it may not necessarily work out like that. In case of GALI GALI CHOR HAI, whomsoever did I think of is there in the film, right from the leads to the supporting actors. I faced no issues on the dates or the price either. We went as per the plan."



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