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    Default Freida Pinto in Simi Selects India Most desirables

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    Simi Garewal anchored one of the most successful and celebrated talk show Rendezvous with Simi Garewal that ruled TV chat shows for ten years. She recently made a comeback this year with Simi Selects India’s Most Desirable on Star World which is being avidly watched, liked, most talked about and certainly a hot topic in tinsel town! This time the guest is none other than the Slumdog girl Freida who has taken a plunge towards Hollywood even before making a mark in Bollywood. In a matter of week Freida moves into the higher echelons of Hollywood, she was dinning with Cher and Kurt Russel, patting John Stewart’s shoulder and socializing with Brangelina. Well, when asked by Simi how did she managed this sudden change and wasn’t she star stuck, pat comes a reply from Freida, “I of course was very much star stuck, anybody who would be in my position would have been star stuck. I had to train myself to be calm and compose, if at all saw Angelina Jolie walking down somewhere; it is difficult because it’s like living in a fairy-tale. All the biggest celebrities whom you have adored and been a fan of if they are in front of you its difficult to not awe. It was like, I was feeling like Alice in Wonderland. I mean I never thought I will meet Mick Jagger.” When asked what was the conversation between her and Mick, Freida says, “I didn’t say anything, see this is the thing, I don’t know what to say. I just get very nervous and kind of retreat into my shell. I just said I love your music and that’s about it and I went.”

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