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    Default 《《 FIR against Rakhi Sawant for cheating 》》

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    Less than a week to her televised swayamvar an FIR has been filed against television drama queen Rakhi Sawant and five others. A local court in Jaipur ordered filing of case of forgery and violation of Copyright Act against them. The list of accused include the executive director of the show, actor Ravi Kishen and Gaurav Gandhi, the managing director of NDTV Imagine and two others for their participation in the show.

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    The Judicial Magistrate in Jaipur ordered the filing of the FIR over the use of the word Swayamvar in her show Rakhi Ka Swayamvar. The complaint was filed by Gaurav Tiwari who owns the portal Gaurav in his complaint claimed he had the copyright of the script and the word Swayamvar since 2008 and had also shown it to a private channel. He claimed that the scripts was used by NDTV Imagine in the reality show Rakhi Ka Swayamvar in an unauthorised way.

    The show whereby Rakhi would choose her future partner from among 16 contestants was to end on August 2 with the first of its kind televised swayamvar. Rakhi had zeroed in on NRI Gujarati Elesh Parujanwala as her life partner. The producers would not mind the FIR as it will surely boost their TRP ahead just when they want it to be the most.


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