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    Default Have feet, but can't dance - Saif Ali Khan

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    Saif Ali Khan has a confession to make. Finally, he admits he has two left feet and is going to seriously do something about it. So far any criticism about his dancing abilities drove Saif into a dizzy state of indignation.

    “I guess I was in denial,” Saif admits sheepishly. “But after seeing how well Kareena dances and how clumsily I managed some steps for Love Aaj Kal, I made up my mind that I needed to learn the Bollywood dancing.”

    After goofing up his dance steps repeatedly for an item number for his first home production, Saif has finally decided to take serious dancing lessons. “Right after the release of Love Aaj Kal, I’m going to be taking a full course,” he says.

    Saif feels it’s about time he caught up with Kareena. “She’s very good at dancing. And it’s about time I pulled up my socks. I had to do 75 retakes for one step. I am just fed up of saying I’m a bad dancer and I need to do something about it now. Race 2 will have a couple of really groovy item songs. It is a weakness in my repertoire. “

    Dancing isn’t the only inspiration that Kareena has provided for Saif. He’s adopting two-thirds of Kareena’s fitness regime to get into shape for Agent Vinod. “The physical appearance is more important in Agent Vinod than in any other role I’ve done so far. Being fit has been on my agenda for a couple of years. Now I’ve the perfect excuse for it. I’m getting into a diet, yoga and weight-training regime for Agent Vinod that I’ll also use in Race 2. Both require me to be extra-agile and panther-like. Dieting and yoga are Kareena’s forte too. So we can practice it together.”



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