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    Default Extend the parameters of actors: Ranbir

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    Many songs would not have been composed if Lata Mangeshkar were not around to give life and voice to them. Many dance steps would never have been.

    choreographed without Vyjayanthimala (one of our most underrated legends) and Madhuri Dixit. Many action scenes seen in the films of Akshay Kumar were possible only because the daredevil was around.

    And would we have seen those angry outbursts of Vijay if Mr Bachchan wasn’t around to vent spleen?
    In Ranbir Kapoor we finally have an actor who challenges scriptwriters to extend the parameters of dos and don’ts of the conventional hero. Just take a look at his body of work. A lot of what we see in his films so far seems feasible only because Ranbir gloriously epitomises the spirit of adventurous exploration into areas of the human psyche where camera lenses cannot penetrate.

    An actor was always meant to be an interpreter of his character’s personality and thought process. We’ve grown up watching the most glamourous and aura-filled actors work the opposite synergy through their roles. From the magical mystical Dev Anand to the enchanting Hema Malini to that mass-hero Shah Rukh Khan....have we ever seen these legends play anything but themselves?Without resorting to prosthetics, Ranbir creates a universe for his characters. In that sense, he is unique to Bollywood. His arrival also signals the end of the old guard. Thankfully, the tired faces no longer have to be tolerated playing lover boys and action heroes.

    From the time I first saw Ranbir on screen in the rushes of Saawariya with his mom Neetu Singh (who had forgotten to bring her glasses and was ‘reading’ the screen as she saw a new star, who happened to be her son, being born) I could sense we were in the midst of a very special talent.
    Ranbir was a quiet observer from the start. While others from the movie would talk endlessly between shots (and that included the film’s temperamental director) he’d be silently observing from an inconspicuous corner.
    A natural born actor is hard to come by. Sometimes it’s inborn. Sometimes the person that you are qualifies you for stardom. Katrina Kaif’s goodness of heart just shines through in every character she plays. Jaani or Jenny, she’s a heart-stopper without trying to be one.

    First of all darling, if you mean Pakistan by the ‘enemy country’ then let’s stop this vicious canard to get rid of the substantial Kaif factor in our industry. No matter what her catty opponents say, Katrina is not from Pakistan. It doesn’t really matter where she comes from. Her heart is in the right place. Though not Indian she strikes me as being more desi in her outlook and bearing than many of her sizzling sisters in Bollywood .
    Like Rajesh Khanna and Sharmila Tagore, Shah Rukh and Kajol, this is a jodi that doesn’t need to be in love in real life to look convincing on screen. I mention only two of the evergreen jodis before Ranbir-Katrina, because they are the ones I am certain had nothing to do with one another off screen.

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